Monday, 29 May 2023
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Liquid Media Dispenser and Vacuum Pipette DP-02

This two-in-one microprocessor-controlled device combines a dispenser and vacuum pipette for use in surface mount board assembly (SMT) or whenever you have a requirement for the handling of delicate components and the application of an accurate dosage of a liquid or paste-like media.

The dispensers design enables the application and dosage of glues (adhesives), solder pastes, resins and other liquids . It is based around a system of pressure impacts, the length of which is carefully defined. Pulse length is adjustable, derived from a crystal oscillator. A built-in timer enables single doses to be repeated or it can be put to disabled mode. All settings can be stored in a memory which is independent and not powered up from the mains. Settings for up to four types of components can be stored simultaneously.

The vacuum pipette was designed for hassle-free pick-up and placement of delicate components. Automated vacuum control makes it possible for a component to be "picked " as it comes into contact with the pipette and during next step "placed" as it comes into contact with board (for all the various modes of operation see below).


• Microprocessor control
• Crystal-controlled digital timer
• Range 0 to 99 sec with 0.1 sec step
• Time setting accuracy: +/- 0,0001%
• Illuminated control buttons
• Digital display
• Capability to store settings for up to four types of components
• AUTOREPEAT mode (serial dosage)
• Built-in pressure stabilizer
• Operational pressure analog measurement feature
• Vacuum pipette has two automated modes of operation:
      - "pick-place"
      - ”minimelf”
• External vacuum supply control
• External vacuum pump feed connection
• DIMA placement machine connection
• Foot-operation option connection
• Static electricity build-up protection
• Low noise level
• Low power consumption
• Modern design
• Power supply: 230 V 16 VA
• Temperature range 0-50 deg C
• Overload protection 0.1 AT fuse (primary), 1 AT fuse (secondary)
• Pump relay specification: 6A/230V AC
• Supply to external device 24 V at max. 0.5 A dc
• Pneumatics by SMC Japan
• Operational pressure: max 0.5 Mpa
• Dimensions: 223x200x80 mm
• Weight: 800 g